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What is Thermal Imaging ?

- Infrared
(thermal imaging) is an advanced, non-invasive technology that allows me to show homeowners things
about their homes that can’t be revealed using conventional inspection methods.
Benefits of Thermal Imaging

In terms of detecting moisture intrusion, a thermal scan can locate:
* plumbing leaks;
* hidden roof leaks before they cause serious damage;
* missing, damaged and/or wet insulation; and
* water and moisture intrusion around penetrations and at the foundation and building envelope that could lead to
structural damage and mold
In terms of energy loss, a thermal scan can detect:
* heat loss and air infiltration in walls, ceilings, floors, windows and doors;
* damaged and/or malfunctioning radiant heating systems;
* under-fastening and/or missing framing members, and other structural defects that can lead to energy loss; and
* broken seals in double-paned windows.
A thermal scan is equally effective at locating hot spots in the home, including:
* circuit breakers in need of immediate replacement;
* overloaded and undersized circuits;
* overheated electrical equipment and components;  and
* electrical faults before they cause a fire.
Additionally, based on the color gradients that thermal images provide, an inspector can sometimes locate:
* possible pest infestation, as revealed by energy loss through shelter tubes left by boring wood-destroying insects;
* the presence of intruders, such as rats, mice and other larger pests hiding within the structure and detected because
of their heat signature that the IR camera captures; and
* dangerous flue leaks, which can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning of the homes residents.
- Infrared cameras translate the heat signatures of objects into colors on a
gradient scale, with higher temperatures appearing as lighter colors, and lower
temperatures and wet areas appearing as darker colors.  Also known as thermal
imaging and thermography, IR technology captures the light that exists just outside
Protecting your investment by having a Thermal Imaging Inspection (whether it be item specific or comprehensive) is
a wise choice and often can be conducted at the same time as a typical home inspection (some limitations apply).

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I use the some of the latest and most advanced Infrared
Technology available in my Thermal Imaging Inspections
the visible spectrum.  Thermal images show surface-heat variations, which is
why an IR camera is such a diverse tool for residential and commercial
inspections that can be used for a variety of applications. Being able to view this
allows me to locate problems that would otherwise be more difficult and
time-consuming to find.
NOTE: Although infrared thermal imaging is a far better diagnostic tool than the naked eye, it does not guarantee 100%
accuracy, unless removal or destruction of components can be achieved to validate findings. When possible, other tools are
used to verify thermal images, but even with these considerations I do not claim to have x-ray vision. Conditions may change
and cause the apparent temperatures revealed on thermal images to be different at any given time.