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Various Defects found during a visual inspection.
Note: All of the pictures shown were taken at homes in Arkansas
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Cracked Foundations
Undermining at Foundation
Water Intrusion & Microbial Growth in Crawlspace
Termite Damage
Roofing / Flashing Leaks
Untreated Wood / Soil Contact
Microbial Growth on Floor Framing
Water Intrusion / Leaks at Flooring
Damaged Subfloor, Joist, Beam
Deteriorating Brick Surface
Wall Cracks
Wood Rot
Improper Wire Connections
Loose Connection at Ground Rod
Improper Connections in Electric Panel
Overheated Wiring
Unprotected Wiring
Abandoned "Live" Wiring
Wires Touching Hot Flue Vent
Inadequate Clearance at Fireplace Flue
Sagging Ductwork
Poor & Missing Insulation at Ductwork
Heating & Cooling                                                                                                                                           
Damaged & Missing Roofing Material
Improper Roofing & Siding Connection
Loose Gutters
Poor Downspout Location / Connection
Improper Roof Flashings
Disconnected Plumbing
Deteriorating Plumbing Pipes
Flashback at Gas Burner
Leaky TPR Valve
Insulation Too Close to Flue Vent
Disconnected Flue Vent
Disconnected Grounding/Bonding
Wire at Gas Piping
Insulation / Ventilation                                                                                                                                   
Loose Floor Insulation
Disconnected Dryer Vent
Missing Attic Insulation
into Crawlspace